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By Daniel McMahon

If you read around the cycling media long enough you’ll see a lot of content that for whatever reason still features now admitted/confessed/busted dopers.

The screenshot above is from a page published today on the Guardian newspaper’s website as part of an interactive slideshow; it appeared last year but the paper re-posted it for the Giro this month. It’s a slide explaining how two-way communication works in the pro peloton. Lance Armstrong is, of course, the featured rider. And as the world knows, and as I and a million outlets reported last year, Armstrong doped for most of his cycling career and during his seven Tour de France victories.

Frank Schleck (RadioShack) was kicked out of the 2012 Tour de France for a doping offense. And he’s barred from racing in the 2013 Tour. But he’s featured on a brand-new cover of some 2013 Tour de France PR published by the A.S.O., which owns the Tour.


But it isn’t always so obvious. In Tom Danielson’s new book, Core Advantage: Core Strength Routines for Cycling’s Winning Edge, his results and achievements are listed, but of course some of those results were disqualified by USADA in October 2012 when it handed Danielson a six-month suspension for doping, which he accepted.

Danielson’s stripped results include wins at the Tour of Georgia (2005) and the Tour of Austria (2005), runner-up at the Tour de Georgia (2006), and two top 10s at the Vuelta (2005 and 2006), with a stage win at the 2006 Vuelta.


VeloPress, the publisher, said: “The results from that time period were inadvertently included by the publisher and will be corrected in the book’s next printing.” That is, assuming there is a second printing. There was no erratum included with the book, and the book’s website does not include an editor’s note.

USA Cycling keeps a profile page for Christian Vande Velde on its website. It has not been updated since Vande Velde’s doping admission nearly a year ago. USAC still lists Vande Velde’s stripped results, including a first place in the 2005 Eneco Tour of Benelux in the mountains classification.

There are lots of other examples, too many to keep track of. If you know of another, mention it in the comment section below.


New Tour de France Film ‘La Grande Boucle’ Due Out in June


By Daniel McMahon

There’s a lot of buzz right now about the Giro d’Italia, which starts on Saturday, but if you look ahead to the 100th Tour de France starting June 29 you’ll see we’re going to be treated to an hors d’oeuvre in the form of a new film about the Tour. It’s called La Grande Boucle and it’s a French comedy starring Clovis Cornillac. The film is directed by Laurent Tuel and distributed by Wild Bunch. It comes out June 12 in France, just in time to whet the appetite.

Cornillac plays the role of François Nouel, a big fan of the Tour who gets fired from his job and whose wife leaves him. François escapes his reality in search of adventure and decides to ride the Tour route a day before the pros race it. Sure enough, his tour catches the attention of the press, the public, and the Tour organizers. And hilarity ensues.

At first glance it looks like a lot of French comedies I’ve seen—which is to say it looks lighthearted and like a nice movie to sit back and relax with. Don’t expect anything riveting here, or a Tour film that’s anywhere nearly as intense as the well-edited Hell on Wheels (2004), which you can watch on Netflix. Still, I’m looking forward to this movie for some reason. Maybe because it looks so beautifully shot.


There are even cameo appearances by five-time Tour winner Bernard Hinault and cycling great Laurent Jalabert, pictured above, respectively, with Cornillac in third wheel.

Some of the film was shot last year during the 2012 Tour. I was fortunate to be at the Tour for the last 10 days or so, and on the morning of the final stage I noticed a film crew chasing a pack of riders up and down the Champs-Élysées. (For a moment I actually thought it was just a bunch of local Freds illegally riding on the course.) They even had a mock sprint finish. Cornillac is no Mark Cavendish, but at least in the world of cinema he can be a hero of sorts. As the film’s tag line reads, C’est enfin son Tour! It’s finally his Tour.

Let’s hope La Grande Boucle makes it to the U.S. soon. It looks fun. Here’s the trailer:

We’ll be looking for the film’s release in the U.S. on its Facebook page.