How to glue and mount tubular tires

CLINCHERS HAVE COME A LONG WAY and today are trained on and raced on by pros and amateurs alike. They’re inexpensive and very, very convenient when it comes to changing flats out on the road. For a long time that’s all I rode, too, till I got myself a new pair of C50 Neuvation carbon wheels. And do I like them. They ride faster and handle better than any clincher I’ve ridden, and they’re a good bit lighter than what I’m used to.

What’s more, there’s a sense of cycling tradition that comes with riding tubulars that you just don’t get with clinchers. Maybe it’s the glue, or the fact that you have to really work when stretching on those new tubbies. Only problem was, I was a little intimidated by the whole tubular thing, you know, stretching the new tires, getting messy with the glue, fearing I’d botch the whole process and roll the tires right off the rims the first race I brought them to. So I got in touch with Mark Purdy of iFixByx. He’s been my go-to mechanic since I got back into racing last year. Because Mark’s got the Midas touch with all things racing bikes, I asked him to show me to how to go from A to Z when preparing to glue and mount tubular tires. I also asked him to let me video his handiwork, and he graciously agreed.

Here in Part 1, Mark shows how to correctly apply glue to the tubbies while offering bits of advice on different tire types and glues. Later, in Part 2, he takes us through the process of applying glue to the rims. Part 3 demonstrates how to mount the tires. Finally, in Part 4, how to finish the job up clean and neat. All in all, we hope you agree it’s a pro job.

Watch Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.


Great video on tubular glueing.  Should note that the solvent in Vittoria Mastik is not acetone as mentioned in the vid, but hexane.


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