beacon cross bacon!

Beacon Cyclocross aggregation

beacon cross bacon!

A 'cross race favorite, and meat of the gods. Photo: Anthony Skorochod/

Everyone I talked to said they had a blast at Beacon ‘Cross, and for me personally it was a pretty good trip to southern New Jersey. The course took us deep into the woods, and the whole time I was having flashbacks to “Miller’s Crossing.” Well, here’s what we’ve been able to gather about the race. As always, if you have a link to share, send it to cyclingreporter [at] or drop it in the comments box below. (results)

Cyclocross Magazine (reports, results) (reports, results, photos)

Juliet Shen (video) via Vimeo (video) (photos) (reports, results, photos)

Mike Festa (report from B men race winner)

And, in case you missed it, on

C men start (video)

B men race highlights (video)

B men (photos)