2010 Brooklyn Spring Series at FBF

SOME OF THE SEASON’S FIRST RACES for New York City–area roadies will take place at Floyd Bennett Field as part of the Brooklyn Spring Series, Kissena Cycling Club announced today. Registration opens Monday, Feb. 1, at 12:01 a.m. on BikeReg.com.

“Floyd Bennett is the hardest flat course I’ve ever raced,” said Sal Scotto, a Cat. 1 rider who raced in Brooklyn the past few years and at FBF dozens of times, in a recent interview. “It’s the windiest place on earth! When it comes off the water there, you’ll be going 35 on one end and 14 on the other, and you’re probably putting out, like, I don’t know, 600 or 700 watts. But that’s perfect motor pacing.”

The series spans three Saturdays, March 6, 20, and 27. Each Saturday the racing starts at 10:00 and 10:02 for the Masters 40+ and Cat. 4s, respectively. Following those races, the Pro-1-2-3 and Cat. 5 fields will race, at 11:05 and 11:06.

FBF is a 2.3-mile course. Masters and Cat. 4s race 25 miles, the Pro-1-2-3s 40 miles, the Cat. 5s 12 miles.

Races at Floyd often end in a field sprint. For tips on how to do your best sprint at Floyd, read CyclingReporter.com’s top tips in our article “How to win a sprint,” written by recent Brooklyn racer and current professional cyclist Neil Bezdek.


anyone know if the regular Van Dunk spring series is also happening?

Daniel McMahon
Daniel McMahon

We're not sure yet, but we'll post when we know. Thanks. --DM